Gerdau Driver Connection App

Enhancing user experiences for truck drivers and mill employees by delivering significant safety benefits & streamlined transit through our Mills for Gerdau’s Truck Driver Community  

Speed Up Driver Check In

Safety Above All

Driver Connection enables truck drivers to check in from their mobile devices, eliminating the need to exit their vehicle and walk to the office. Push notifications & directions sent directly to their phones guide drivers efficiently & effectively to their designated scale and loading areas in the mill.


Driver Connection enables mill operations to capture system time stamps that track truck drivers’ loading times as well as their total stay times. Monitoring and analysis of this critical data allows for the determination of gaps and opportunities in our loading processes that are driving continuous delivery improvements.


Driver Connection leverages digital technologies to address business challenges & opportunities, demonstrating Gerdau’s commitment to being a Data Driven Company  

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Driver Control: Your Configurable Management Portal

User Management

Provides administrators with the ability to add and remove driver, warehouse, gatehouse and security user profiles.

Load Management

Provides schedulers with the ability to search for load statuses, as well as creating, editing, managing, completing & rejecting loads if drivers arrive outside appointment times. Schedulers also have a direct communications path through the portal to provide guidance and directions to drivers.

Access Management

Provides Gatehouse and Scalehouse users with the ability to complete driver check-in and out along with capture of the scalehouse tare weights on entry and exit. In addition, Driver Control provides real time visibility of the driver’s location at all times when they are within the mill property.